Our Work VS My Work


Every once in a while, you’ hear someone say something like “I can’t help out with that, I have to _________________.”

Maybe it’s writing a report, studying for a test, working on an assigned project, whatever.

I know, from time to time, I’ve certainly been tempted to use my personal workload as an excuse to bow out of group work.

But the truth is, my work is my work.  

And ours is ours.

The fact that I have my own work to do does not excuse me from the team.  It doesn’t absolve the responsibility that I have to my crew to pull my weight and contribute.  I don’t get to skip out on dinner dishes because I have a report to write, and I don’t get to let me team wash the rigs by themselves because I have a project to work on.

I do my work on my time.

And if my team has work to do, then I’m on team time.

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